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Hi there,
happy you're here.

I'm Daniel Schreiber, Motion Designer and Art Director in the Stuttgart/Germany area.
In my 7 years of on-staff agency work I have realized I really have a thing for thoughtful storytelling in abstract visual metaphors. Working for big brands or high-exposure projects has never been my focus - it has always been the visual and narrative quality of the final films that mattered most to me. And those can be called a lot of things:
Product films, explainer videos, tiny interface animations or giant 5-minute brand movies, logo animations, movie titles, visualizations of processes or products, there are so many names for what I do ...

... so for the sake of simplicity
let's just call it animation!

Now that we know how to call it, YOUR new "animation" project is just a few steps away.
The first one is simple: just drop me a line!
What clients said
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