Since I'm a big fan of abstract visuals, I couldn't say no when the topic of "Geometry" came up in our School Of Motion Alumni challenge. It was particularly fun to come up with ways to mix 2D and 3D shapes in a visually appealing way. Dubstep wasn't my first choice, but when I stumbled across this "bouncing" syncopated off-beat part, I just had to use it for the ball-bounce moment.

Since this was a contest and we shared our project files among the group, I refrained from using any 3rd party plugins or footage (apart from the audio track) and kept it fully procedural. That way the resolution can now be 4K or higher with no quality loss.
This was my entry to a challenge among the alumni at Topic: Geometry.
The song snippet is taken from a Remix of Collin McLoughlin's "Heartbeat".

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