This was one of those times, when you hear the brief and it just "clicks". I was hooked by the idea of these abstract shapes telling the story of ... well ... everything. The game and its design was created by the amazing art director and designer Jana Schell. So when she asked me if I could animate this piece, I used every hour I could spare from my main job to bring life to this.
In Jana's own words:
»once« is a minimalist, poetic game about one of the biggest marvels: our being. We’re made of myriads of atoms, do live on a spinning globe circling the sun. Nature shows its perfection in one object: the circle. And its hardly surprising that everything came out of a single, tiny dot. Once...
Initial designs and storyboard frames by Jana Schell ...
... and scenes from my final animation
Art Direction / Design: Jana Schell
Direction / Producing: Philipp Monjoie
Trailer Animation: Daniel Schreiber
TV-Noise Animation: Johannes Geier
Game Logo Animation: Mirjam Schneider
Music / Sounddesign: Benjamin Grau

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